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AfriGenomics, a trailblazing healthcare company at the forefront of genomics diagnosis in Africa. It is said to revolutionize healthcare through state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing (NGS) and tailored solutions.

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Solutions we provide include but not limited to

Genome Health and Wellness Bundle

Our Genome Health and Wellness Bundle leverages Whole Exome Sequencing data to deliver a personalized consumer report, specifically tailored to your lifestyle and well-being.

GenomePro Health and Wellness Bundle

This comprehensive package encompasses a wide array of reports, synergizing the rich insights from Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) with cutting-edge analytical techniques.

Advanced Personalized Diagnostic Report

This exhaustive diagnostic report analyzes your entire genome, uncovering potential disease causes and providing invaluable insights for informed decisions in diagnosis and treatment.

Carrier Screening Test

Our CST empowers individuals & couples to proactively assess their status for a wide range of genetic conditions, facilitating informed family planning and healthcare decision-making.

Utilizing the Next Generation sequencing capacity provided by Afrigenomics.

A comprehesive and seamlessly integrated suite of cutting-edge services, devices, systems, and data management solutions in a NGS mobile. Developed to capitalize on Afrigenomics’s expansive sequencing capacity, this innovative platform empowers researchers and individual with unparalleled capabilities for advanced scientific investigations. 

“Unlock new insights and accelerate breakthroughs as you leverage Afrigenomics’s large-scale sequencing capabilities through this all-in-one solution, designed to revolutionize the landscape of scientific exploration and discovery”

Balogun Emmanuel,

Founder, CEO of AfriGenomics



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5.000.000+ Covid Samples

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Why People Trust Us

Our cutting-edge lab offers precise and efficient solution, empowering researchers and healthcare professionals to unlock the secrets of life.

High Quality Lab

Experience excellence in every step of your solution exploration with our High-Quality Lab. Trustworthy results for impactful insights.

Unmatched Expertise

Unlock unparalleled solution insights with our Lab's Unmatched Expertise. Trustworthy results, driven by seasoned professionals.

Precise Result

Discover with confidence through Precise Results. Our Lab's commitment to accuracy ensures reliable and meaningful solution outcomes.

Qualified Staff

Empowering solutions with our Qualified Staff. Our team of experts ensures precise execution and reliable outcomes for your projects.

Latest Case Studies

Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative lab, gaining valuable real-world applications and insights. Embrace cutting-edge solutions and drive progress in your field.

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